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To achieve better outcomes, it’s critical to know how to most effectively collect and manage your herd’s data using SMARTBOW® technology. Watch how to implement and use your SMARTBOW system and hear what other farmers have to say about the most advanced dairy cow monitoring system.

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With intelligent ear tags that monitor the rumination and activity of each cow, SMARTBOW can help you detect, prevent and treat animal health outcomes on your dairy.


The SMARTBOW system uses intelligent ear tags to collect data and help you monitor dairy cow heat and health. With SMARTBOW, you can identify health issues earlier, reducing illness-related losses in your herd. You can also reduce labor needs thanks to real-time alerts, which effectively identify cows in heat, and real-time location monitoring.

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How does SMARTBOW work?

The SMARTBOW system collects activity and rumination data via ear tags which is then transmitted to an on-farm server. SMARTBOW helps you identify potential issues early so you can gain better outcomes.

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SMARTBOW is user-friendly and easily integrated into your farm. Here you can find tips on how to best use your SMARTBOW system.

View Video: Activate your SMARTBOW ear tags

Activate your SMARTBOW ear tags

SMARTBOW ear tags are easily activated by magnetic fields within the SMARTBOW applicator.

View Video: Apply a SMARTBOW ear tag

Apply a SMARTBOW ear tag

Correct placement of the SMARTBOW ear tags in your cows’ ears will enhance cow comfort and avoid ear tag losses.

View Video: Assign a SMARTBOW ear tag to an animal

Assign a SMARTBOW ear tag to an animal

After you have placed the ear tags on your cows you can assign the ear tags to the individual animal IDs within the SMARTBOW software.

View Video: Install the SMARTBOW mobile app

Install the SMARTBOW mobile app

Download the SMARTBOW app to an unlimited number of devices by connecting to your SMARTBOW server Wi-Fi and accessing your on-farm IP address. Then download the app and sign in to see your data while you are on-the-go.

View Video: Remove a SMARTBOW ear tag

Remove a SMARTBOW ear tag

To remove an ear tag, use scissors or shears to cut the stem of the SMARTBOW ear tag on the back of the cow’s ear. Then check the battery and unassign the ear tag in the SMARTBOW software before placing in another animal’s ear.

View Video: Replace a SMARTBOW ear tag battery

Replace a SMARTBOW ear tag battery

Remove the ear tag from the animal and use the SMARTBOW magnet key to access the battery. Place the new battery positive side up with the black ‘O’ ring mounted onto a new stem

View Video: Delete an animal from the SMARTBOW system

Delete an animal from the SMARTBOW system

When cows are ready to leave the herd and their ear tag has been removed, you can remove them from your herd list within the SMARTBOW software in a few simple steps.

What Farmers Say About Smartbow

Dairies large and small all over the world use SMARTBOW to unlock insights about their animals. Hear why these farmers chose SMARTBOW and the benefits it delivers for their operations.

“SMARTBOW is the most important system on the farm”

Stefan Lindner chose SMARTBOW for his family farm because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t require collars. “We want to be a modern business ready for the future,” Lindner said. “After the milking equipment, SMARTBOW is the most important system on the farm.”

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Saving time with SMARTBOW

For Gerald Maatmann, SMARTBOW rumination detection means keeping cows healthy. SMARTBOW offers heat detection alerts allowing the family to go on vacation without fear of missing potential pregnancies. But more than anything, SMARTBOW saves him time.

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SMARTBOW saves labor

Jan Ahrenshop’s dairy needed SMARTBOW because his herd managers weren’t picking up all the cows in heat. SMARTBOW ear tags are with cows 24/7 and provide alerts for heat and health issues. “Of all the products on the market, SMARTBOW offers us the most and is the most reliable.” Jan says it’s just not possible for a business of their size to run without SMARTBOW.

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SMARTBOW pays for itself

Though Riccardo Cantini originally had his doubts, SMARTBOW has proven its usefulness. He can now identify heifers in heat 3-4 months earlier, in an easy-to-read and understandable format. “In a couple of years, the system can completely pay for itself.”

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SMARTBOW support makes the difference

Silvano Prandi says when he decided on animal monitoring technology, it came down to progressing with the times or not. Managing automation helps his farm optimize productivity and welfare at a structural and management level. And with SMARTBOW, it’s more than just the technology. “The support from the SMARTBOW technicians is really efficient with excellent availability.”

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Convenience and efficiency make SMARTBOW the best choice

For Massimo Zambianchi’s dairy, the real-time mobile alerts SMARTBOW provides are a major asset. And because SMARTBOW is made for efficiency, when a battery dies you don’t have to replace the whole sensor. “I chose SMARTBOW above all for economic reasons, but it also seemed the most convenient.”

View Video: Convenience and efficiency make SMARTBOW the best choice
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