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How Smartbow Works So Effectively

The SMARTBOW® cow monitoring system is a distinctive technology unlike any other dairy cow monitoring product on the market. The four components — intelligent ear tag, indoor receiver, farm-based server and accurate alerts — work together seamlessly to improve outcomes on your dairy. SMARTBOW uses its proprietary artificial intelligence system — Animal Pattern Recognition IntelLigence (APRIL) — which learns and adapts to individual cow behavior and activity patterns.

Applying SMARTBOW technology on your dairy is an exciting and interactive process, and Zoetis will be with you every step of the way. Let’s look at the individual components of SMARTBOW so you can visualize how it will work on your dairy farm.

Intelligent Ear Tag Collects Data

The SMARTBOW ear tag continuously monitors the location, activity, rumination and health of your cows in real time. Individual cow information is collected and transmitted within seconds to your dairy’s indoor receivers.


  • High-quality fiberglass material, scratch- and impact-resistant
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Battery life up to 2 years
  • Reusable and transferable between cows
  • Lightweight ― just 34 grams

Indoor Receiver Transmits Data

Receivers mounted in the barns capture ear tag signals. Then the information is transmitted to your dairy's server.


  • Compact and temperature-resistant
  • Multiple mounting options to fit your specific needs, including adjustable wall holder, I-beam holder, pipe clamp or angle bracket

Farm-Based Server Analyzes Data

Each of your cow’s data is analyzed through the exclusive SMARTBOW proprietary artificial intelligence system, Animal Pattern Recognition IntelLigence (APRIL).


  • Data is transmitted and immediately processed, generating real-time alerts, if necessary
  • Software is automatically updated within the server, so ear tags never become obsolete

Accurate Alerts Delivered To Devices

Real-time alerts are generated when changes occur in rumination and activity patterns. Heat and rumination behavior alerts are sent to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, and a digital map of your barn shows each cow’s current position.


  • Software can be integrated into current herd management software including DairyComp, UNIFORM-Agri and HERDEplus
  • Maintain connectivity to your dairy from anywhere
  • Deliver to an unlimited number of users
  • 24/7 support and training to implement and optimize SMARTBOW for your specific needs


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